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Vocabulary Tool

Designed for teachers, students, and parents or guardians, this Tool provides descriptions, images, examples, and practice activities for 5,734 basic and advanced vocabulary terms. The terms are organized into 420 clusters of related words. The Tool also includes assessments to determine which terms students are ready to learn.

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Curriculum Tool

Providing direct instruction for ten metacognitive skills, this Tool helps students learn to self-regulate and stay motivated during learning. The Tool provides clear instructions for teachers and parents or guardians, along with video-based resources for students to learn about and practice important 21st century competencies.

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About Peak Curriculum

Founded in 2023, Peak Curriculum empowers adults to effectively teach the content students need most. Our work is based on Dr. Robert J. Marzano’s 50 years of education experience and his ongoing interaction and partnership with educators across the United States.

In addition to traditional academic content in mathematics, ELA, science, and social studies, Peak Curriculum provides resources that support students as they learn the skills needed to interact with themselves and others (self-system skills), regulate their learning and increase their motivation (metacognitive skills), analyze new information at deep cognitive levels (cognitive analysis skills), and apply new learning to unique situations (knowledge application skills). Our goal is to create responsive, innovative, and research-based curriculum materials focused on the knowledge and skills most critical for students to learn.